Riverside Church

Gospel Speaking, Community Transforming, Neighbor Loving

Join Us: 9:45 AM Sunday, 530 North Main Street, Beaumont, Texas (old Westminster Church building)


Who We Are

Our desire is to be a community of real people who genuinely love God and others. We believe the gospel to be relevant and life-changing to ourselves and to our community. We recognize that we are hopelessly imperfect sinners and that it is God’s grace through the gospel that moves us into deeper relationship and enables us to move beyond simple “friendliness” to an attitude of acceptance that offers a seat at the table to anyone who will come. We call this A Grace Transformed Life.

Gospel Speaking

Riverside Church is Gospel Speaking because we believe that this Gospel is THE solution, in that it initially and continually brings us back to our need for a Savior, responding to Him in repentance and faith.

Community Transforming

The gospel is Community Transforming because it alone changes the human heart, and heart change is the focus of our ministry.

Neighbor Loving

Believing the Gospel personally in our hearts motivates and propels us to look beyond ourselves and be Neighbor Loving - to see the world as our Savior did – compassionately serving others and telling them the good news in our own personal stories.




Downtown Building - We at Riverside Church are so excited that we have been able to purchase an old historic church in downtown Beaumont. We will be renovating and restoring this beautiful church. Our prayer is that God will use this picture of restoration as a reminder of His ongoing work to us and our community and that this building will become a place of worship and ministry that glorifies His name.

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