Revelation 3:14-22 -- 7th Church, Laodicea: the Open Door

Jesus is not asking us to only believe about Him - He is asking us to invite him in. He is asking us to open the door not just to enter into our hearts, but to participate in the very fabric of our daily lives. The christians in this Laodicean church were rich and wealthy, and apparently they had forgotten their desperate need for Jesus. Somehow they thought that their sin no longer stank. They had forgotten the grace that Jesus gave unto them by forgetting their ever constant need of it.

The famous theologian John Stott said: “Perhaps none of the seven letters is more appropriate to the 20th century church than this. It describes vividly the respectable, sentimental, nominal, skin-deep religiosity which is so widespread today. Our Christianity is flabby and anemic. We appear to have taken a lukewarm bath of religion. Zeal, heat, fire, passion — these are the qualities we lack today and desperately need."