Luke 22:54-62 & Acts 2:36-41 Peter: from Fear to Fearless

Luke 22:54-62 & Acts 2:36-41

Our passage is not just about stumbling and faltering in sin. It is about the greatest stumbler of all time – the Apostle Peter. Peter was supposed to be the rock upon which the church was to be built, the great fisher of men and the owner of the keys to heaven itself. But, when Jesus could have used a great friend, Peter denied ever knowing him.

Scripture is not about great and perfect men of faith, but about a great and perfect Savior who loves us imperfect people with an undying love. All four gospels record Peter’s most embarrassing and cowardly moment. Shouting from Scripture over and over – even the great Apostle Peter failed Jesus miserably.

Why would four spirit filled men, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John be so compelled to write about Peter’s stumble? Because it is a stumble from which no one cannot recover unless rescued and redeemed by the undeserved grace of Jesus.

Jesus did for Peter, what Peter could not do for Jesus – He gave him un-denying love. Jesus went to the cross – suffering and then dying – paying the full debt of Peter’s own denial. Jesus gave absolute restoring grace to the very one who rejected Him. This precious act by Jesus made Peter so holy, so blameless and so fresh and pure that it truly made Peter as if he had never stumbled – had never ever denied him! This is grace is that transformed Peter from fear to fearlessness.

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